Getting some consistency

When I first knew about the Tourmalet Challenge and decided to accept the offer, I knew I had lots to do in terms of getting myself ready and fit for the event.

One of the keys to that is consistency. Not just making sure I ride the hills, not making sure I ride the right bike, but making sure that each week that goes by has me riding, more and more and increasing.

I always record all my rides on Strava, it’s a great reference tool and I also use VeloViewer which is linked to it – it gives you some amazing data and stats that you can refer and relate to.

The last 4 weeks for me have been decent:


As we enter April I have some consistency in my legs, nothing major yet, the longest ride so far is around 60km, but good frequency and that is important too.

I have been having fortnightly sports massage to keep on top of any niggles and to help maintain the existing issues I have. I always make at least one visit to the gym to get the core work and stretching done and I am starting to have a “love/hate” relationship with the foam roller at home.

As a family we have been on a crusade for about 18 months now, to eat fresh food as much as we can and to cut back on the processed rubbish. During this time I have cut out sugar completely in my hot drinks and I have cut out 99% of my white bread addiction – now having a very small amount of wholemeal once or twice a week. I have lost over a stone by cutting these things out, we still eat well and there is no restriction on volume, so no hunger pangs along the way … sure it takes time, but this is a much healthier way of re-shaping your body.

Over the coming weeks, I need to start to build the “long ride” up towards and over 100km which is very achievable indeed – combine that with the regular work in the week (a bit of commuting and grabbing an hour or so when I can) and we are making great progress.

I have three solid months now to continue the training and work for the challenge and if you would like to support me in my efforts to raise £1,000 for The Christie then please click the link HERE and donate to the cause.

Day to Day ….

One of the things I have started to do during the last couple of years is to enjoy my #SocialCycling … you know those times where you just get your bike out and ride to work, or ride to the shops or trundle around the village.

It is such a nice break from training or competitive cycling … I always record every ride I do on my Garmin and upload it to Strava, so my stats are often skewed in terms of average speed, as some of my commutes are in heavy traffic and I tend to just sit up and roll with it rather than “ride” if you understand.

Well maybe this little snippet I took will explain more … and before all the “he’s not taking care there, or looking at the road” crowd come along, let me assure you this was on a traffic free route away from all hazards, so all good there !

I am fortunate enough to be close enough to the office that I can nip home and drop back into work on two wheels — I can use the car for my meetings and stuff and then once they are out of the way, I can squeeze in a ride to work and then extend it out on the way home … managed this twice last week and gonna try to make it three times a week over winter, but weather conditions will dictate that … it needs to be dry really doesn’t it.

Got some fantastic stuff going on with work in relation to cycling and all that will become apparent too – you will see the little Bikmo+ logo on the left hand side of my blog – just have a click to see what it is all about … there are some very exciting things happening with this project and I will be able to announce a bit more soon.

Looking at events for 2016, and I seem to have settled on this one for the latter end of the summer:

circuit days

I have raced duathlons on Oulton Park before and I have taken photographs there too and I really like the circuit – the challenge will be a tough one to do solo as you need to complete it within 6 hours but smooth tarmac and no traffic or lights should mean it is well within my capabilities.

All good at the moment and all moving forward nicely !