My Running Tunes …

One thing I found extremely useful when I was Ironman training a few years ago was my old iPod Shuffle … something to help your mind wander as you knock off the km’s at some unimaginable time of the morning. For me I found it pretty invaluable, so it seemed only common sense to sort out my music for this winter.

The old Shuffle has well and truly shuffled off into oblivion now and so it was time to purchase a new one. Now for me, Apple is all about music, I don’t care for their phones but I do like the Shuffle as it gives you everything you need, so it was off to amazon and the purchase was complete:



I am quite looking forward to loading this up with some tunes and the first play lists will include:

> Catfish and the Bottlemen

> Noel Gallaghers High Flying Birds

> Stereophonics

> Frank Turner

> Courteeners

> Arctic Monkeys

From that little collection you can see where my musical tastes lie, and it should give me some decent stuff to run along to as I get into the training. Talking of which …

Tonight I got out and about again for the second run of the week and using common sense, I played by the 10% rule, more or less, and just slightly increased the distances and was able to run at a slightly improved pace compared to the first venture out. However, I remember that the first two weeks of any running comeback are hard work … DOMS makes simple running painful in places and you just have to stretch and run through these first few weeks until your legs get more accustomed to the work you are doing. The good news is that whilst the legs aren’t playing properly just yet, the engine was working very well indeed … good heart rate control and sound breathing … very pleased with that aspect.

I’m thinking about whether to raise funds for charity with the marathon at the moment, not sure yet … it needs some thought.