And It Begins …

I have started this new blog to document the training and experiences I go through as I attempt to train for and complete my first ever marathon which will take place next Spring. Now I am not new to running, I have completed 4 Ironman triathlons, but I don’t count any of the runs I did as marathons as they involved a whole load of shuffling and walking as the inevitable struggle kicks in towards the end of the race.

One of my big goals left un-ticked is to run a full marathon, its like a monkey on my back and I need to complete this. It’s been niggling away at me for years now and I have had a couple of failed attempts during the latter years of my Ironman training where I suffered from injuries … I got to mile 18 in one race before problems forced my withdrawal and then the following year I didn’t even make the start line – it was then I decided to sort myself out and get the injuries looked at and to give running a rest. I managed to get the injuries looked at and after a 6 month program of physio and strength work I am pretty much injury free now and feeling great.

I did take a couple of years off now from serious run training with hardly any efforts at all other than the odd little jaunt, but in shock move last winter I got these:

Salomon Speedcross
Salomon Speedcross

I did a couple of short off road jog’s and eventually I got up to running 10km fairly comfortably and without injury or issue afterwards, and this started to ignite the flame inside me again. I do like running, but it’s hard to battle when you have loads of niggles and stuff that stops you getting to where you want to get to. So now with all the problems behind me I am ready to work at this and put together a good plan that will deliver me to the start line prepared. I will need to pay as much attention to the physio and core work as I will to the actual running and I have learned this now and will be working with my good friends at Summit Physio who have done a great job with me so far !

At the moment I haven’t run for about 5 months as I have enjoyed riding my bike and going to the gym quite a bit and all that has helped to build strength in other areas, so the journey starts from pretty much zero but with lots of enthusiasm to kick it off !

Hopefully when I come to look back at this blog in 12 months time it will provide a great catalogue and reference point for other aspiring marathon runners, that’s the plan anyhow.

I have a race in mind and I will post about that when the time is right, but for now, thanks for reading the first post and look out for some more soon.