First Event Entered …

I’m going to have a much busier 2016 than 2015 in terms of actual organised events – this year has been one of those years when it just hasn’t worked out for lots of reasons.

However, this year has also been the year that I got bike fit again, cured the cycling  injuries and stayed free of them and also the year that I lost a stone in weight, so more of a preparation year ready to get stuck in again in 2016.

And I have now entered my first event, something I came across the other day and something that really is ideal for me.

Liverpool Roubaix

It’s effectively a big loop which is relatively flat but has the sections of cobbles and unpaved roads that I love to ride and so it seemed a pretty straightforward decision to enter, and enter I have. First event booked in for 2016.

I am now toying with trying to arrange something every month and link them all together for a charitable cause, not 100% sure on that just yet, but its worth some exploring I think.

The weather of late has been horrible .. I don’t mind the wind, I don’t mind the cold, but put those two together and add in torrential rain and that really does put the kaibosh on riding outside. This week has been the worst with the tail end of the storm/hurricane to contend with – no commutes at all and no rides in the evenings either … probably should set up the turbo, but that is always last resort for me.

Today looks like it will be another day for the 29er, its grey, dark and has impending rain on the horizon, so we will play it by ear … but it’s only November and so lets not get carried away eh !!!

Making the Calculations …

As a fanatical cycling fan, then one of the most recognisable characters in the sport is Sean Kelly the ex-Irish rider and all round cycling god …. he now commentates on Eurosport and has a few stock phrases which crop up in every race.

One of those phrases is (said in a broad Waterford accent) is that the riders are “making the calculaaaaayshuns” … working out the gaps and when they need to make the efforts to strike for home.

The reason I mention this is that last night on my comeback run, I too had to make the calculations and last night I made them sensibly. I was happy to get back running, it was a good night for it, nice and sunny and I was feeling great from the off – no signs of any niggles, aches or pains and the breathing was good.

I deliberately picked a 4km loop route which was half on road and half off road .. a good challenge but nothing too stupid for the first run back.

data running

The stats above summarise the run, and I am delighted with them as they are exactly what I would have hoped for … they clearly show progression from the start of my plan back in August when I was struggling to run sub 6.00/km comfortably.

But at the 3km mark I had to make the calculation …. there was a fork in the pathway where I could have branched off and done a further loop – it would have taken me to around 5-6km for the total run and I was really really tempted to push it. Then the “sensible” head kicked in and I made the right calculation … first run back, lets finish feeling good and nice and strong.

I took the right fork and completed my loop … walked back to the front of the house and completed my short stretching regime which again is something new for me and something I need to keep going with.

A nice little start to the week !