Mixing it Up …

I have always been a big believer in mixing my training up, even when I played rugby I rode my bike … it seemed to help mentally and physically too. More on that towards the end of this post.

The running is coming along very well and this week I have managed a short sharp run and then a really good 7km effort in torrential rain, which was a great session for “mental strength” which I have posted about on here before. The rain was absolutely hammering it down, but it was warm and my head was telling me to run … so out I went into evening with its puddles and its mud and I ran … there is something amazing about running through the country in the rain, under the trees with huge splodges of water smashing down onto your head. The Speedcross 3’s were well up to the task and I never put a foot wrong during the entire run. I have to admit to feeling it a little towards the end, a little tiredness in the legs, probably still from the Monday fast session, so I just need to make sure I don’t overdo it.

One good feature of the Garmin Fenix 2 watch is its ability to monitor your overall well being and fitness. As I run I get a buzz to tell me how I have recovered from the last session I did and then when I have finished it tells me how many hours recovery I need …. all very useful stuff.

Back to yesterday, a big day in our household as my eldest received his GCSE results, so we had a nervous morning before the relief and happiness of the results and then an evening of celebration which all was very enjoyable indeed. However, if we were celebrating it meant I felt the need to train, and my legs were not recovered enough to run, so:

Rear Tyre

It was out with the road bike for an hours spin around the village to loosen up the legs. Now I haven’t ridden for a month now due to holidays and of course the run training, so I found it quite tough, that combined with the blustery howling wind made for quite a hard session when I look back at it now. BUT, it did sort out the tiredness in my legs and help me recover that little bit quicker.

Mixing my run training with cycling will be a feature of my work over the winter and I will also throw in the odd swimming session too – all this combined with a weekly weights regime means I will be working hard in the coming months.