Making the Calculations …

As a fanatical cycling fan, then one of the most recognisable characters in the sport is Sean Kelly the ex-Irish rider and all round cycling god …. he now commentates on Eurosport and has a few stock phrases which crop up in every race.

One of those phrases is (said in a broad Waterford accent) is that the riders are “making the calculaaaaayshuns” … working out the gaps and when they need to make the efforts to strike for home.

The reason I mention this is that last night on my comeback run, I too had to make the calculations and last night I made them sensibly. I was happy to get back running, it was a good night for it, nice and sunny and I was feeling great from the off – no signs of any niggles, aches or pains and the breathing was good.

I deliberately picked a 4km loop route which was half on road and half off road .. a good challenge but nothing too stupid for the first run back.

data running

The stats above summarise the run, and I am delighted with them as they are exactly what I would have hoped for … they clearly show progression from the start of my plan back in August when I was struggling to run sub 6.00/km comfortably.

But at the 3km mark I had to make the calculation …. there was a fork in the pathway where I could have branched off and done a further loop – it would have taken me to around 5-6km for the total run and I was really really tempted to push it. Then the “sensible” head kicked in and I made the right calculation … first run back, lets finish feeling good and nice and strong.

I took the right fork and completed my loop … walked back to the front of the house and completed my short stretching regime which again is something new for me and something I need to keep going with.

A nice little start to the week !