Bringing It Together …

You may have noticed a few changes with the blog recently and this has come as a natural process of rethinking things and reorganising things in my life.

I have always been a blogger and a social media instigator and this has left me with various blogs and guises across the world wide web … and its time to bring them all together under one banner.



This blog originally started out just to track my efforts to complete my first marathon next year and this is predominantly what it will continue to do, but I have now closed down two other blogs I had, one a really old one with little content really and the other was there in support of my cycling photography which then morphed into general photography … three blogs all kind of saying the same thing, so it just seemed to make sense to bring them all together now.

I have used the name “im-martinholden” across my social media channels for a while so it made even more sense to use that as the new domain and so that is what I have done.

Hopefully not too complicated a move and it makes everything so much simpler and easier for me – so there will be a bit more life content on here now and the odd photograph too as we progress, which should if anything brighten up the place !