Choose Your Fuel …

Sports Science has taken over the world – we see everything scrutinised and everything is analysed and pages and pages of data are produced. Now I am a data lover, data is great and it gives you lots to think about and this aspect of sports science is brilliant.

But there is a dark side to sports science … the dark side ┬áthat sells sugary rubbish to athletes to “boost their perfomance” and to “unlock their potential” … you see it all the time, short 5km races with people guzzling energy gels …. it is this are that the marketing departments have jumped on and taken advantage of … the marketing companies that make “sports drinks” and “natural health drinks” and all the association of fizzy drinks with being cool, trendy and sporty – that has to change.

A recent visit to a cafe highlights what is wrong:


Row upon row of sugar and carbonated death juice … only water and milk as real drinks of any benefit – but this is what is offered to consumers – a terrible state of affairs.

I am embarking on something a bit different for my marathon training, I have already road tested it a little on the bike where I can now ride 3-4 hours on just a bidon of pure water, no gels, no bars and no carbs needed, just a solid healthy breakfast of eggs and salmon. I haven’t tried this with the running, but I am pretty sure the same adaptations can be gained over a period of time and that will help me fuel properly for the marathon itself.

It’s a big question, but can I run the marathon without any food at all and rely just on water ? Not sure ?

If I need food, then what food should I have and how much of it will I need to have ?

It will be an interesting journey back to old school running and something that I am looking forward to as the cold months close in.