Slightly Run Down …

Well it seems that my week away in the sunshine, relaxing and partying has left me feeling a bit run down and open to attack. We got back from our trip and within a day or two I started to feel congested and had a sore throat. Over the next couple of days, this has developed into a head cold which has now left me a little wheezy too … typical signs of burning the candle at both ends I think.

I have needed quite a few of these over the last 48hrs to be able to function and carry on:


At this stage I would have to say that running the Wigan 10km on Sunday isn’t going to happen – I won’t be in any state to do so and to try would just be silly really – it would have been nice to do it, but in the longer term plan it really isn’t that important.

Hopefully a few more early nights, hot baths and good food will help me recover and then I can start to run again.

But for now, I will keep up the meds ….