Pushing the Pace …

There are lots of different running plans out there and it can be a little confusing sometimes to understand what is the best way and which one you should choose. However, you can make it fairly easy by trying out a few of the suggested methods and see what works best for you. For me I like to be able to run 3 times a week and for those three runs, I like to do:

1 x Long Run – usually at weekends anywhere between 10-20km

1 x Fast Short Run – usually near the start of the week – around 5-8km in length, but with the pace pushed harder

1 x Other Run – freedom to choose what kind of run you want to do, either longish or fastish seeing how you feel

I personally think you can be ok with just two runs, the long one and the short faster run, so I don’t get too stressed if I don’t make the third run of the week, because sometimes life is like that and you can’t make your sessions – but not getting stressed about those missed sessions is key to having a strong mental state. Focus on what you HAVE done not what the paper says you should have done.


Anyway, the purpose of that little explanation was to lead on to my run from earlier this week, where I chose a 6km route (just short of) and tried to push the pace a little bit quicker than of late. I have been running around 5.55/6.00km pace so I wanted to be able to duck under the 5.30/km pace which would be around the level I needed to be at at this stage in the training process.

I picked a hilly course, you can’t avoid them where I live so you have to run them …. my pace varied over the course from a fastest of 4.40/km down to 6.13/km but once I had finished and downloaded all the data, I had hit my target with an average pace over the whole run of 5.28/km and it felt good too …. always in control of my engine and the legs are starting to respond a bit more now too.

I have completed nearly three weeks of running now since my comeback and I think it might be time to have a sports massage as I can start to notice the signs of tightness in my upper back – need to keep well on top of all this if I want to remain injury free.