First Event Entered …

I’m going to have a much busier 2016 than 2015 in terms of actual organised events – this year has been one of those years when it just hasn’t worked out for lots of reasons.

However, this year has also been the year that I got bike fit again, cured the cycling  injuries and stayed free of them and also the year that I lost a stone in weight, so more of a preparation year ready to get stuck in again in 2016.

And I have now entered my first event, something I came across the other day and something that really is ideal for me.

Liverpool Roubaix

It’s effectively a big loop which is relatively flat but has the sections of cobbles and unpaved roads that I love to ride and so it seemed a pretty straightforward decision to enter, and enter I have. First event booked in for 2016.

I am now toying with trying to arrange something every month and link them all together for a charitable cause, not 100% sure on that just yet, but its worth some exploring I think.

The weather of late has been horrible .. I don’t mind the wind, I don’t mind the cold, but put those two together and add in torrential rain and that really does put the kaibosh on riding outside. This week has been the worst with the tail end of the storm/hurricane to contend with – no commutes at all and no rides in the evenings either … probably should set up the turbo, but that is always last resort for me.

Today looks like it will be another day for the 29er, its grey, dark and has impending rain on the horizon, so we will play it by ear … but it’s only November and so lets not get carried away eh !!!

Day to Day ….

One of the things I have started to do during the last couple of years is to enjoy my #SocialCycling … you know those times where you just get your bike out and ride to work, or ride to the shops or trundle around the village.

It is such a nice break from training or competitive cycling … I always record every ride I do on my Garmin and upload it to Strava, so my stats are often skewed in terms of average speed, as some of my commutes are in heavy traffic and I tend to just sit up and roll with it rather than “ride” if you understand.

Well maybe this little snippet I took will explain more … and before all the “he’s not taking care there, or looking at the road” crowd come along, let me assure you this was on a traffic free route away from all hazards, so all good there !

I am fortunate enough to be close enough to the office that I can nip home and drop back into work on two wheels — I can use the car for my meetings and stuff and then once they are out of the way, I can squeeze in a ride to work and then extend it out on the way home … managed this twice last week and gonna try to make it three times a week over winter, but weather conditions will dictate that … it needs to be dry really doesn’t it.

Got some fantastic stuff going on with work in relation to cycling and all that will become apparent too – you will see the little Bikmo+ logo on the left hand side of my blog – just have a click to see what it is all about … there are some very exciting things happening with this project and I will be able to announce a bit more soon.

Looking at events for 2016, and I seem to have settled on this one for the latter end of the summer:

circuit days

I have raced duathlons on Oulton Park before and I have taken photographs there too and I really like the circuit – the challenge will be a tough one to do solo as you need to complete it within 6 hours but smooth tarmac and no traffic or lights should mean it is well within my capabilities.

All good at the moment and all moving forward nicely !