Gadgets and Gizmo’s …

The modern day athlete loves his gadgets.

And if you are already a massive tech fan like me, then gadgets are all part of the experience and a must have part of the plan. There are gadgets for everything and some of them will give you every possible piece of data you need, whilst other will just give you the bare bones. I do love my gadgets and they are very useful when it comes to analysing how you are training and what you should do next.

My weapon of choice:

Garmin 1

I chose the Garmin Fenix 2 last year as it offers a bit of everything and allows you to track a full triathlon if you want to, so the basic stuff I need for my running will be more than catered for and when it is connected to “Garmin Connect” then the stuff you can pull from it is quite incredible.

Take for instance my first gentle training run the other day:


Just look at all that data that you can look at !!! wow, it will be quite interesting to see how all that changes and develops over the coming months and it helps you to see how your body is reacting and adapting to the work that you are doing. Of course that first gentle run wasn’t really a hard training effort but it just shows what metrics you can look at and how you can focus on specific areas to make improvements.

It’s another area of the training and the plan that I will really enjoy, as I said earlier I love my gadgets and my data, so this for me is a very exciting prospect !

Tomorrow will see the next training run and more data to look at.