Tattoo update ….

Around three weeks ago, I had my first sitting for the chest, back and arm tattoo that I have had planned for a while now and yesterday was time to finish off the chest part with another 2 hour session.

The finished article is something I am delighted with and is just what I wanted when I started to imagine the design:


Below shows the two sittings and how the tattoo developed into the finished article, amazing art work !

Two Sittings

Just got the back piece to start and finish and then on to the Ironman logo refresh and additional work around it ….. then we are pretty much done.

Very pleased with the outcome and can’t wait for the next sitting.


The Right Set Up

The bike set up for the #TourmaletChallenge is going to be very important indeed, ok fitness and strength will be the factors that carry me home, but without the right tools for the job then it’s doomed to failure.

I am going to ride the event on my FELT F95 aluminium framed bike – I just love this bike, but it has changed quite a bit since I bought it. The only bit of kit that is “original” is the frameset. It was a fairly low level bike when I got it and I have upgraded most components to become the custom bike that I really enjoy riding. It’s very comfortable and since the RETUL bike fit, I have no issues anymore with back or leg problems.

Felt Road Bike

However, for this trip the bike gets a further upgrade … meet my new friends ….. the compact chainset and the 11-36 cassette which are going to be installed pretty soon – that should give me enough to tackle the long long hills in the Pyrenees this summer.

compact cassette

Clearly my focus is now on the training and my weight and body composition – I am not going to go daft, but the more kg’s I can drop between now and July the better I will feel on the mountains.

The weekend long rides will be back and I am quite looking forward to them having not had to train for a few years now. I will also try and ride as many sportives as I can between now and then, so all suggestions are welcome – at the moment I am signed up for the Cheshire Cat in June – I will use March to get more miles in and so all sportives in April/May are welcome especially the hilly ones.

More news to come on the next post about nutrition and further kit choices !