Another Milestone Achieved …

With five very solid runs behind me and two weeks into the comeback, I felt suitably comfortable with my overnight decision to push the distance on my Saturday run. I have run really sensibly and very conservatively over these last two weeks and that has eased me back into the groove very nicely. The regular runs have been good and there are no signs of any aches or pains, so it seems the first part of the jigsaw is firmly in place.

Today was a great day to run, a nice mix of warm sunshine, then dark clouds and a breeze to freshen you up.

My route was going to be a fairly challenging one … mainly off road and quite undulating with a mix of terrain, gravel tracks, mud, grass and bits of tarmac and even a football field at the end of it. We are spoiled with the tracks around my village, just perfect for running.

Cemetery Walk

After a few freshly brewed coffee’s and a breakfast of toast and smoked salmon I was prepared – a large glass of water before I closed the door and off we went. Glorious is the word to describe how I felt today … I was just buzzing and loving the serene quiet of the tracks with my iPod blasting out Feeder and Just a Day …. the week had ended magnificently at work with a deal I have working on for ages dropping into place and I felt relaxed and motivated when I got up this morning.

The run went well, I still kept control of the effort, keeping the HR at an average of 126 today, so slightly lower than that last couple of efforts, but the pace remained on track and even a bit quicker .. sure signs of getting fitter and a bit faster with it.

Total Distance completed: 10.18km in 1.00hr, so just dipping under the 6.00/km average again and that is brilliant over the increased distance.

I am running the Wigan 10km in a few weeks over a pretty flat course and it will be my first stand alone 10km race … and with the work I am doing at the moment I am pretty confident of a fairly decent time (for me that is).