It’s 2016 and already lots of changes !

The new year generally tends to mean two  things for me, a reorganisation of the various projects I have in place and also some focus on my fitness and plans for racing in the coming year.

Well, lets start with the reorganisation and particularly with my photography – I took a year out last year to try a couple of new things and a bit of diversity, some of which worked some of which didn’t but that was kind of the whole reason for doing it.

All that work lead me to the creation of my new website, where I will now focus all my photographic work – Martin Holden Images – centralising and simplifying lots of the work I have done over the last couple of years. This will now be the main focus area for my images.

martin holden images website

I am also quite looking forward to getting back to taking some images at races, something that I have missed over the last 12 months and whilst I won’t bombard the site with those images, it will be nice to build a portfolio of them going forward now – there are still over 13,000 images of cycling on my Flickr page and all those will stay there too.

Now on to the not-so-good news …. unfortunately the knee problems I had back in September have flared up again, following a short run I did last week – a very gentle 5km jog really but I was in real pain the next day and the pain did not go away for the rest of the week – time to visit the physio.

I have torn my posterior capsule (cartilage at the rear of my knee) – at this point we don’t think it needs surgery, but until all the swelling and inflammation has gone that’s not 100% but it does look hopeful on that front at least. We can then start the weeks of rehab that it will need, but and this is a pretty big but, if I start running again then it will get worse and will almost certainly need an operation, which in itself is no guarantee.

Cycling is fine, no pain, no issues afterwards and no impact.

That makes is a fairly easy decision.

The running shoes are hung up for good and I have retired from triathlon, after 10 very enjoyable years and 4 Ironman finishers medals and lots of great fun.

And so now for the next couple of weeks, its time to hit the anti-inflammatories, do the physio work and get back on the bike.